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MOMAP (Molecular Materials Property Prediction Package)

MOMAP  is a useful tool to study spectroscopy, radiative and non-radiative processes of polyatomic molecules. Photophysical and charge transport properties of molecules can be investigated using MOMAP. Photophysical properties are tightly connected to various properties of ground and excited states, which are the basis of performing calculations in this software. In general, it is a software for researching, designing organic material and making quantitative predictions of light emission efficiency and are being used by people in the academics or in the R&D process for some enterprises.

It is currently widely adopted in the area of OLED light emission mechanism’s research, organic display and lighting material, organic field effect material, organic solar cell battery, organic light measurement and detection, bio-sensing and organic optical communication. It is mainly utilized for quantitative light emission efficiency, validation of light emission mechanism, computation of charge transport and thermoelectric performance in organic materials, etc. It has been successfully implemented in the calculation of absorption, fluorescence and phosphorescence spectrum, the radiative and non-radiative decay rate of excited state, electron and hole mobility and many more. For details, please visit

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