Device Studio


Device Studio (DS)

DS is the graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used together with many software such as Nanodcal, MOMAP, RESCU and STEMS … It provides the capabilities for building crystal structure and nanodevice model. Besides, it can produce, store and manage the input files for Nanodcal, MOMAP, RESCU, VASP, Gaussian and NWChem.

In addition, DS has a built-in material database that consists of more than 500 kinds of materials. This allows users to build the desire structure or device conveniently. The numbers of available materials in the database are updating continuously. Possible open quantum systems (as it is the case for nanodevice) includes LR, LCR, BT, BCT, FB, FCB structure can be created easily. Futhermore, using the GUI, buffer layer thickness can also be adjusted quickly. Depending on the requirement, users can submit the input files to Nanodcal, RESCU and MOMAP software at a local host or remote servers. Finally, users can monitor the computation schedule and visualize and analyses the result. It is available on Windows and Linux platform.

Input file

hzw、cif、xyz、xsd、POSCAR、gjf and some py format.

output file

hzw、xyz、png format




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